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Misty Slope


Explore My Work. The Journey starts here.

Here you will find all of my completed works now available. Please take an opportunity to browse my works.


Hunter in the Storm

The Minutemen Saga

In a time of absolute war, one young man’s journey begins with an unbearable loss. Recruited into a unit tied to the founding of America, he will get a chance not only for revenge, but become an integral part towards bringing an end to the war itself. He will be trained by the best, armed with the latest, and sent to fight the impossible. He must rely on that training along with his instincts to survive the hellscape that he once called home. His new enemy is waiting, however. With the nearly limitless resources at their disposal and a drive to unite the world under the rule of their Emperor, they stand ready to counter his every move. With an unquenchable fire and allies like him, he will stride into the chaos of war, each step taking him closer to satisfaction for his family and a peace he may never enjoy.

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