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A New Age in Entertainment

We have reached a crossroads in technology, entertainment, and education. With the invention and mass marketing of Virtual and Augmented Reality, new avenues of both education and entertainment have opened up. Every gamer on the planet has seen or looked up guides to games, either to overcome a problem or to find alternate solutions. Educators have struggled to find a way to get students excited about their subjects and find ways to bring their studies to life in a dynamic way. This is where the technology of Virtual and Augmented Reality come into play. With Virtual Reality, a class of art students can walk the halls of the Louvre, admiring the works of the great artists. A history professor can take their students through a real time journey through the streets of Renaissance Rome, or watch the construction of the Pyramids, or witness the great battles of the past. The combination gives opportunities for students who may never get the chance to visit these places the ability to experience them if only in a virtual setting rather than the dusty tomes of a workbook. It also has potential for gamers. The idea of not just playing a game, but to be dropped into the story, to feel as though you are in it, not just looking at it, is the promise of Virtual Reality. If we were to combine it with the written works of a novel, you suddenly turn a guide into a new form of entertainment.

By combining new entertainment technology with the standard physical publishing market, a new avenue for both can become a reality. My proposal is two parts. The first is to gather a team of programmers and designers who will create the software and programs to be utilized by education institutions. They will customize the design and programming to fit the needs of the client while working with the organizations that build the hardware, in this case the Virtual Reality headsets and controls. The second part is creating original programming and software for new and innovative games. We will work with current and newer video game and traditional novel publishers to bring the games and related novels and series to customers. Long term potential is to build, publish, and distribute programs and games to clients and customers without the need for outside companies and publishers. With the advancements in home computer technology and the wide spread develo

pment of programming software, most of our programming needs are met through the purchase of programming software. With the use of communications technology like Skype and Zoom, programming and software teams can work from multiple locations without the need to meet in a central location.

This concept will, hopefully, bring together the creative minds of designers, programmers, writers, publishers, and teachers under a new umbrella of both the entertainment and education market, as well help push forwards the discovery of new technologies and ideas.

This is my business model:

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